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Wheeling Bankruptcy Attorney

When coming face to face with crippling debt and harassment from creditors, it is easier to think that you have no options to turn to. However, this is not true. Thanks to the federal bankruptcy law, debtors just like you have the chance to file for bankruptcy and get a new start in life. You can have your debts erased through bankruptcy by taking proper steps. Bankruptcy attorney Daniel Podkowa is always available to assist you in all Chapter 7 bankruptcy matters. 

What To Expect When You File For A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
You obtain instant debt relief and get your financial situation back on track once you file under Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code. The process of Chapter 7 includes discharge and liquidation of any remaining debts that you may have. It is a practical solution for someone who cannot escape their difficult financial situation.
Moreover, when you file for Chapter 7, you remove any legal obligations that require you to pay dischargeable and unsecured debt. Plus, you remove your legal obligations on any secured debts. Once your bankruptcy has been completed and your debts have been discharged, you are not accountable for those discharged debts anymore. 

Lastly, once you obtain a discharge, typically about four months after filing your Chapter 7 petition, all debt collection harassment will stop. You will no longer be getting any phone calls or letters from your debt collectors. 

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If you live in the Wheeling area, please contact our bankruptcy office for a FREE phone consultation at (847) 699-7500.
Our bankruptcy firm provides the best services and shows proper commitment to solving bankruptcy cases. We make the bankruptcy process painless and seamless. Call us today! 

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