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Schaumburg Bankruptcy Attorney

Daniel Podkowa has more than 27 years of experience, as a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, and also has helped many clients in Schaumburg, and the surrounding areas, get their financial life back on track, through a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. He will thoroughly investigate your financial situation, and explain your bankruptcy options, or debt relief solutions. You can trust him, to meet your bankruptcy needs. He has been serving Chicagoland residents for many years and is familiar with courts, judges and other attorneys.


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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can eliminate certain unsecured debt (debt not tied to property), including:


- credit card charges (including overdue and late fees)

- medical bills

- payday loans

- utility bills

- some personal loans

- some tax debt

- department store cards

- some signature loans

- personal loans

- collection agency accounts

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can also:

- Stop creditor harassment

- Stop lawsuits and wage garnishments

- Allow many filers to keep their car(s) and other possessions

- Eliminate debt in just a few months


Millions of Americans turn to chapter 7 bankruptcy every year. It may help you resolve your debt once and for all.

If you're looking for an experienced bankruptcy attorney in the Schaumburg area, please call our bankruptcy office today.

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