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Niles Bankruptcy Attorney

What does Bankruptcy mean?
Bankruptcy is a set of laws that protect and help the debtor to start again with a clean slate. 
We recommend filing under Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The current era of the recession has many people drowning under mountains of debts. This takes a toll on emotional health and should be dealt with on a priority basis. You should consider filing for bankruptcy as soon as you feel that the pile of debt is growing. 

Bankruptcy can stop creditors
Are you feeling helpless in the face of creditors? Are you drowning in the pool of debts? Can you see no way out of these? Are the creditors threatening you? Are you scared? Intimidated? Do not worry anymore. Once you file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court will issue a debt discharge within 90 days of filing for bankruptcy. Once you receive a debt discharge, creditors cannot sue you, call you, or continue any other collection efforts on the discharged debt.

What happens to credit afterward?
Your credit would not be irreparably damaged after filing for bankruptcy. Some people think the opposite. If you cannot pay debts promptly you will face legal consequences, including harassment by debt collectors. Once you file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can start a new financial life. You can take small steps to rebuild your credit from scratch. If you are careful, for example;  paying your bills on time, you will be eligible for a loan or a credit card within a few months. 

Contact us
The attorney will guide you according to your situation and finances. Each case is different and needs individual consultancy to pave the best path. Here, at the Law Office of Daniel Podkowa, we are happy to assist you and take up your case. We will offer you the best solution, so you can start a new financial life you deserve. If you're looking for a good Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in the Niles area, we are here to help. 

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