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Mount Prospect Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy occurs when an individual or business is unable to pay for the debts. 
The process of bankruptcy is tricky, hence it should be dealt with care under legal supervision. Attorney Daniel Podkowa has a great experience to solve Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. The legal services offered by Daniel Podkowa ensure smooth proceedings including a bankruptcy filing, vigorous court representation and discharge of debt. 

Some people tend to file for bankruptcy on their own. We urge debtors to always seek legal help before filing for bankruptcy as the matter is very delicate. Our bankruptcy firm helps clients with the step by step procedure and ensure a fresh financial start. Our services are unparallel and of great value, because we have over 27 years of experience dealing with Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.  

The Law Office of Daniel Podkowa have thorough knowledge regarding all matters related to bankruptcy and can successfully handle case regardless of its severity. We work hard to never disappoint our customers and make the process painless and hassle-free. Once you talk to our lawyer and discuss the case, you can feel yourself being in safe hands; our bankruptcy attorney Daniel Podkowa will take over the case fully and give relief and full support to the client.  

There is a total of six types of bankruptcies. Chapter 7 bankruptcy also known as, straight bankruptcy is the most popular type of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy ensures complete discharge of debt, including credit card bills, utility bills, mortgage payment, medical bills, etc. Most individuals go for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The process of filing for bankruptcy can be very stressful but we ensure to give comfort to our clients by taking care of the process and making it quick and easy. 

Chapter 7 bankruptcy has many advantages, as it relieves a person from all sorts of debts at very affordable rates. Moreover, people often get to keep their property and vehicle. Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives financial and emotional freedom.

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If you live in the Mount Prospect area, please contact our bankruptcy firm today and seek legal help. We promise to provide the best possible service and outcome. Our Attorney Daniel Podkowa will help you with all the required paperwork and filing of Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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