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Arlington Heights Bankruptcy Attorney

Here, at the Law Office of Daniel Podkowa, we offer the most affordable and reliable bankruptcy legal help. 
Legal matters are very sensitive and critical; therefore, they require special attention from experienced attorneys who can handle any sort of situation and provide legal assistance. Legal cases should not be dealt with by non-professionals or individuals on their own.
Bankruptcy attorney Daniel Podkowa has more than 27 years of experience to solve bankruptcy cases. He will ensure smooth, hassle-free and successful filing of Chapter 7 bankruptcy and debt discharge. 

After 2005, bankruptcy laws have changed therefore, one must seek legal advice for bankruptcy and how to proceed with it.

Bankruptcy is basically when a person is unable to pay the debts and going towards insolvency. The person filing for bankruptcy is also known as the debtor. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the easiest and simple form to proceed with bankruptcy and get rid of the mounting debts. With the help of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a debtor can get a discharge on any sort of debt including, credit cards, medical bills, and any other form of bill or debt. It takes about 90 days after the filing of a bankruptcy to relieve a person from all sorts of debts and get a new financial start. 

Once a debtor receives a debt discharge, creditors cannot continue any legal action against you to collect a debt, including sending letters or calling you. 

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If you're looking for an experienced bankruptcy attorney in the Arlington Heights area, please contact us as soon as possible. 

Attorney Daniel Podkowa has thorough knowledge regarding Chapter 7 bankruptcy matters. Once you talk to attorney Daniel Podkowa, you will feel in safe hands and your case will receive the best possible solution that goes in your favor. 

Please note: Our website may not have complete details; therefore, we urge our clients to contact us for bankruptcy-related matters and legal advice. 

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